If you could work for any company who would it be?

Hey everyone,

So if you could work for any company in the world who would it be and why?

Off the top of my head? Lego. Because, it’s Lego!

I’d stay put.

I did the consultant thing. I could go back but there is no real desire to do so. In terms of npd, this place is no different from a consultancy except I don’t have to sell as much. I don’t like sales.

As a consultant, I worked for a great deal of the “best” corporations. I did not see much greatness for product development.

If Mayo was not in the sticks and shifted their innovation process more towards product and less towards service, that could be a consideration. Kaiser is in Oakland. Oakland.

My own.

I second that. :wink:

Lego’s a good shout. The guy I replaced at my previous job moved on to Lego, I imagine it would be quite fun there.

Where are you at now iab?

At the moment I’m really enjoying what Quirky is doing, their whole ethos of ‘making invention accessible’ is brilliant and the company culture looks pretty sweet too. Plus it’s in NYC and I’d love to work in the US.

Bertone or Pininfarina… if they paid well, which from what I hear they don’t.

Other than that, for myself as well :wink: Plenty of companies I would like to do work for though!

Nike for shoes or some high end Swiss watch company.

Yayy, LEGO! I worked with LEGO’s Boston / MIT office and was super impressed - the four boy types they design for have a lot of solid history behind their development.

I third that.