if you could be anybody else

who would you be?
me erik clapton
peter gabrail
tom petty
steve winwood


you’d be screwed signing eric clapton or peter gabriels name :slight_smile:

i’d be hugh hefner!

Jeremy Clarkson
Michael Schumaker


You wouldn’t want to exist?

(doh, that was supposed to be my inside voice)

If we’re going into fictional characters then I’d go with Tony Stark/Ironman. Designer - check. Booze habit - check. Super power robotic suit - Yes please! :laughing:

for good, for a day ? ? ?

a woman

i’d want to be my greatgreatgreatgreatgrandson for a day though.

you…all of you! (cynical laughter)


Actually Tony Stark was an engineer. An electrical engineer to be exact. Went to MIT. Not a bad choice though.

LOL well kiddies i was listening to music last night, had a lot of scotch when i posted this and so booze + music = rock star LOL

…that’s cool. I think we all want to be different people at different times…

Whoa people, low blows on the religious folk. Anyway, I’m pretty content being me, although it would be insightful and interesting to be lots of people to understand their perspective.

Dude, your shoes are tied a little too tight.

I’ve given long and careful consideration to the opportunities to help mankind, advance the cause of design and (perhaps) have fun at the same time. There are so many possible choices, but I think I’d rather be Charlize Theron’s husband. Oh, and twenty years younger.

Ha! This one made me laugh out loud.

They Y Chromosome wins again :smiley:

If I could be another person for just one day, I first thought to try the really hot woman thing, but then I realized I would probably end up blowing the whole day standing naked in front of a mirror touching my boobs and giggling. So that would probably just be a waste of time…

but then I realized I would probably end up blowing the whole day standing naked in front of a mirror touching my cabbages and giggling

HAHAHA!!! Yes!

Maybe being someone with a serious affliction of some kind might prove interesting for a contextual appreciation of our lives?.. that way we’d be even happier to rebecome ourselves???

…Oh wait, a load of you already said as much with your desires to become of the other sex! - (Sorry girls - I know youre our bosses really, but we like/have to kid ourselves otherwise in order to keep our often stupid egoic pride delusionally intact!)

Yep, In case you have not noticed - I have issues!