If we were Born with a silver pen in future ?

Everytime i have to sketch, write iam hunting for my pen/pencil where did i keep it just a min ago ? :frowning:

the pen/pencils survived the mouse …and guess it would in future…

Imagine a world risen above poverty and hunger in the centuries to come when humans would be processing information as means of living (all work being done by machines,robots) .where literacy is rampant .illiteracy history.and every doing some information crunching, learning ,relearning , sketching, designing…

i guess then the need would arise for humans to be born with " pens/pencils embeded within humans " !

:bulb: pens that appear say from tip of your finger and which never dry out .

  • pens which run on human fluids ( blood or sweat ? )

  • we would be able to write,sketch,render anywhere , anytime , any amount

  • would people be called born literate then ?

  • Alas but no more xcuses to make frnds with intresting strangers on pretext of borrowing pens

:astonished: iam just dreaming any1 joining me . :arrow_right:

… my dirty finger nail works just fine thanks!