IF MONEY DIDN’T MATTER…what would you like to do with your design skills?

Could you define your question more.

If you mean, if I don’t care about how much money I make, what would I like to do: what I’m doing now.

If you mean, if I had a mountain of money and could fund my own project: home audio.

Innovative residential architecture, maybe in two decades or so?

Exactly: if money was not important to you!

We tend to value jobs either for how much me make $$$$, or how much we enjoy doing it. Take $$ out of the equation.

Own a coffee shop. Or a bike shop. Or both!

Doing what I do now is pretty much a dream come true, being head of design at a CE company has been a longstanding ambition. A few other things on my fantasy list:

Start a design school/ boutique practice in a refurbed mid century modern roadside motel off the 101 in SoCal or PacNW, or in Palm Springs.

Design and have manufactured my own branded line of home, office, and life (watches, eyewear…) accessories.

Design custom cars (I already do that, but more)

To be completely self-indulgent, I’d be an artist, primarily sculpture.

But considering I am a horrible artist, I would design and fabricate furniture. I don’t suck as hard with that.

Something like Tony Stark/Ironman would be choice…

more realistically, doing change-the-world stuff like Elon Musk, Gates, or Branson would be great. Especially getting hands on as a designer in the companies

Probably open a consultancy as well, as I really enjoy learning about and tackling different kinds of products

  1. I’d love to build a house on a sunny island and get some items newly developed for that from scratch.

Than I’d take a long breath and start to create two brands:

  1. One for decorative household items and furniture, - with a sci-fi twist to it.

  2. One for down to earth functional gear that improves life in emerging countries.

  3. I’d have a restomod of a classical Alfa Romeo going,- much in line with the Singer Porsche.

As you see my girls might be lucky I didn’t make a million yet, because that plan would hinder
me from seing them even more than the making of the first million.


As a designer , I am for “experience & creation” combined.
I wish for that M thing, which is missing from my portfolio.
I am fascinated with this sport, do I have that “thing” what it takes ? :unamused:

I agree here. Do something that truly matters.

Finally by myself a Eames Lounge that I have alway wanted. :smiley:


design outdoor equipment / climb all 7 summits / start a winery / build a mini track to race on / donate profits to the DRC Relief


Something like ‘The English Patient’, drawing maps, flying around, draw more maps, hooking up with Kristen Scott Thomas, drawing maps, evading Nazis.

[ Deleted ]


Yes on the residential architecture. I am annoyed that house construction is 98% custom built on site. The inordinate high cost and gross wastage is a crime. Unfortunately it seems that all attempts at mass produced personal home construction are either ignored or are failures. I think the current fad of shipping container repurposing is an interesting but comical half-assed implementation of a solution. Such a project will take big $$$ as centuries of tribal attitudes and construction professions will require redirection.

Packaged power. All consumer electronic devices are regulated by battery and display technology. I foresee a world where there is no packaged power, our devices have no batteries, as distributed power becomes ubiquitous. Your device wirelessly draws power from walls, tabletops, shirts, jackets, sidewalks, benches, etc. as the walls, tabletops, etc., are making the power. True power ubiquitousness. I will trademark that, PU™ or UP™.

Evil minded:

Sue Apple repeatedly and continuously for design egregiousness claiming ownership of everything starting with the Platonic solids. While I’m at it spending alesmes88’s $$$ I’d also sue Google repeatedly and continuously for frivolous patents, specifically I’d file a patent contention for all 180,000 patents they own.

  1. vehicle design for ILM-Lucasfilm, Pixar-Disney, etc. (see Daniel Simon, Syd Mead and Scott Robertson)
  2. design aftermarket exterior add-ons for Import Tuners (hoods, fenders, air dams, spoilers, etc)
  3. own a floating fishing lodge on the Alaskan pan-handle and take guests out on Salmon fishing trips

I would really like to make a home out of trash some day. I think it’s just great that you can make something worth A LOT out of something that’s worth NOTHING.

Be a bicycle / frame builder.

Oh man! You went to the Fatic bike building class? How did you like it?

To answer the question, if money was no object I would just make things, lots of things. Anything from modern furniture (instead of movie theater furniture and arena seating like I do now) to bikes (I’ve been thinking of the Fatic school or the Yamaguchi school), to footwear/softgoods.

I loved it, I highly recommend Doug’s class. He’s very thorough and a perfectionist - so, a good guy to learn from. Building a frame was a lot harder than I anticipated, and the class was stressful at times, but well worth it. Message me if you’d like, I’d be happy to elaborate or answer questions.