If I only had....

What is the one thing that you keep thinking, “If I only had XYZ, I would buy and use it in a heart beat”.

Ideally, this is a product that doesn’t exist. It could be a spin off a product that already exists, but needs something a bit different than what is already implemented.

A perfectly reliable 500 Terabyte drive in my brain for general memory storage, as well as a faster corpus callosum to process data from one side of the brain to the other at unheard-of speeds. This assuming my brain wouldn’t explode and everything works perfectly.

Ha! I’ll get right on that!

Something that whispered in my ear all the things I wish I knew during the day… and remembered everything!

“pss Computer, what is this guys name again?”

Ditto that part about not making my head explode too

I think an OLED tablet would be pretty cool or other super thin tablet (4mm would really be pushing it…). Think paper thin, semi flexible, wide range of colors, lightweight, would be awesome. I’ve got a tablet laptop which is okay, it’s just so annoying to use because it never really sits like a piece of paper does. I’m all over the desk when I draw, rotating my drawings, shifting it, usually I’m using both hands on it at once, different tools (french curves, rulers etc. even the wacom tablets seem weird to me. I’ve never really gotten used to drawing on my desk while looking up at a monitor…

I would pay pretty serious cash for something like an oled tablet.

A winning lottery ticket…

Oh and I want a jetsons car/suitcase.

a pager for everything I own.

an iPad. No seriously. Was all set to drive two hours to the US to get one early this morning, but they are out of stock for the day … :frowning:


…an investor for Cerevellum. Man, finding venture capital in this economy is like searching for a unicorn.

Can you expand on this?

a Bic 4 colour pen, but with 0.2mm,0.4mm,0.7mm Artline drawing system (or similar) and a big fat marker as well.

… a ‘Crisis Inducer’ for my lazy ass :smiley: :

"The major problem which the medical profession in the most advanced sectors of the galaxy had to tackle - after cures had been found for all the major diseases, and instant repair systems had been invented for all physical injuries and disablements except some of the more advanced forms of death - was that of employment.
Planets full of bronzed, healthy, clean-limbed individuals merrily prancing through their lives meant that the only doctors still in business were the psychiatrists - simply because no one had discovered a cure for the universe as a whole, or rather, the only one that did exist had been abolished by the medical doctors.

Then it was noticed, that like most forms of medical treatment, total cures had a lot of unpleasant side effects. Boredom, listlessness, lack of - well anything very much, and with these conditions came the realisation that nothing turned, say, a slightly talented musician, into a towering genius faster than the problem of encroaching deafness. And nothing turned a perfectly normal, healthy individual into a great political or military leader better than irreversible brain damage.

Suddenly everything changed. Previously best-selling books such as ’How I Survived an Hour With a Sprained Finger’ were swept away in a flood of titles such as ’How I Scaled the North Face of the Megapurna With a Perfectly Healthy Finger But Everything Else Sprained, Broken, or Bitten Off by a Pack of Mad Yaks’. And so doctors were back in business - recreating all the diseases and injuries they had abolished - in popular, easy-to-use forms.

Thus, given the right and instantly available types of disability, even something as simple as turning on the 3D T.V. could become a major challenge. And when all the programs on all the channels actually were made by actors with cleft-palettes, speaking lines by dyslexic writers, filmed by blind cameramen, instead of merely seeming like that, it somehow made the whole thing more worthwhile"
(From the Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy radio series)

…a dollar for every time someone said, ‘If I only had’

A Bull $hit-o-meter that set off an alarm every time someone that was trying to sell/pitch something and was being creative with the truth.

A mirror that made women happy with their body image.

A sat nav that didn’t get you lost.

An up or down arrow on each Core discussion board, so that I could start at the top of the page and just click down to read through all the topics/posts - sort of what they have in hotmail now.

A politician electrocuter - they should all wear collars and any time they were asked a yes or no question and didn’t answer it with a yes or no answer whether they clarified it or not and answered the question by answering a completely different question, you could give them a zap. This could also be linked to the bull $hit-o-meter.

Fishing nets that let fish go unharmed if they were undersized or not the intended species.

A cure for arthiritis - I accept that we can’t beat every disease, something has to get us in the end, but something that stops my hands from working - terrible.

An injection that stops people being arrogant.

A tablet that can make you instantly sober, just in case you or a friend has had too much. Getting a text message that says ‘hey I’m pregnant’ only works once!

A grill tray that I could fit in my dishwasher.

I could go on. :wink:

A teleportation machine so that I could cross europe even when the skies are full of ash…

I’ve lost so many objects over the years that it angers me to no end when I can’t locate something I own and have no idea whether its because I accidentally threw it out, left it somewhere, or its 2 ft in front of me under a pile of clothes. I just want closure!

So I want a “Find my iPhone” system but expanded to “Find my _____”.

With pressure sensitivity and Adobe CS!

While I am getting a good laugh out of this thread…This is the cruxt of this question. I believe we would all be gazillionaires if we had a dollar for every time we heard someone say “If I only had…”.

I mean, at some point someone looked to the heavens and said, “If I only had a gizmo that chopped food for me really fast.” And God created the slap chop.

I am curious. If you had the time, money, and inclination what product would you design?

Shades of Harrison Bergeron

Seriously, I’d design a way for fishermen to target specific species and sizes, without catching or harming unwanted fish because if current predictions are to be believed by about 2046 were in deep sh*t.


I’m not that familiar with the bible, but I think god was too busy creating other stuff and missed out on creating the slap chop… and if he did, would he have ordained the salesman ‘Vince’ to demonstrate it? :wink: