If I decide not to go into ID, how are CIA's other programs?

I’ve basically made my choice of going to CIA for ID. I’ve read through so much stuff here, and based it solely on their ID program. What if I go through foundations and find that I’m interested in something else. Graphic Design, and Interior Design come to mind. When I really think about it, I think ID is still the best field to go into, for me, but I never rule anything out, I’m also very indecisive.

I guess this is more of a broad question of CIA’s overall rep. As far as art schools go, I knew the big names like Pratt, RISD, but when it came to ID, I didn’t like their programs. Before I started research on ID, I never even knew CIA existed. I initially applied as a backup and it’s become one of my second top choice (UC being first, but I’ve been wait-listed).

I guess I’m still trying to justify my choice. I guess I can always transfer again. What do you guys think?

SAMink, why did you not go to UC? Did you not get in?

Last thing I heard from them was a waiting list. They said early May they would re-evaluate. I dont’ know exactly what that entails, but I’ll shoot them another e-mail within the next week. But as of now, I’ve sent my deposit to CIA. So yea.

I’ve been visiting Core77 for a LONG time now, and just now began paying attention to the forums here. These are great.

I graduated from CIA in the mid/late 90s. (when it was a 5 yr program with a mandatory 2 yr foundation) Industrial Design, and upon graduation was hired into GM Design Center. CIA was great for that. I do feel I had an outstanding education there and I definitely recommend the school.

I couldn’t argue that it excels above other schools in a good list, because I haven’t experienced them. CIA is a great school because it is also a serious fine arts college. Maybe even a better fine arts program than its applied arts program. I think that any of their notable graduates, were successful because of a very good grounding in all the arts they could get their hands on.

After my foundation program I wasn’t sure at all about automobiles or ANY product design. But I knew I wanted to be creating something 3 dimensionally, And their department had everything. Their applied art majors are very well networked.

CIA is a great school but I’ve seen graduates from there who have only received an ordinary education (didn’t understand why painting was important, etc.) and still had job offers waiting for them, but probably don’t stand out in their careers.

From CIA, I think no matter what major you choose, you will have the most success if you glean as much knowledge and experience as you can, from the Fine Arts school, with any spare time your major may leave you… After your done painting, drawing and sculpting, blow glass, silversmith, cast something in bronze, even card and dye wool or weave something.

Good luck

Thanks Romy1 I appreciate your input. I’ll be going to orientation in July, I’m looking forward to it.