If I could only...

A slight shift on the “If I only had…” thread.

We keep talking about Design Thinking. We keep talking about how Design has the capacity to create great things and affect change. What are those things you would do?

Finish the following sentance:

If I could only use my skills as a designer to …

If I could only use my skills as a designer to …

… change culture.

I can make a great product, but it doesn’t necessarily solve the problem. Eg - I can design the greatest alcohol-gel dispencer but the docs (around 30% compliance) and nurses (around 40% compliance) don’t use it efficaciously (80-90% compliance). Or I can design a PET bottle to crush easily but the recycling rate won’t change. It has nothing to do with product and everything to do with culture.

…find bad guys and deal with them.

Are you talking super hero skillz…or “real life” skillz?

An ID guy was def involved in batman’s belt

get paid (lots of over due accounts and never paid royalties)

If I could only… design everyday without worrying about housing, food, money.

If I could only design then I change the history of Designing. Basically design is used to express the concept of theme with different styles and settings of colors. designing can help to attract the person to stay for few moment at that place. Designing can express you feelings without saying a single word. Designing has a power to express your concept to anybody. Colors are helping us to create appropriate environment.

If I could only use my design skills to… make more products that mean something to people. Especially if it makes their days a little better in some way. I have a hard time seeing it not being all about a company’s profit sometimes

Oh, and design my own products, something like Joseph and Joseph… I love that kind of stuff

The Joseph and Joseph stuff is really nice. Super impressive little story they have there.

I have few

If I could only…Design without dealing with corporate marketing.
If I could only…Design without worrying about Wal-Mart.
If I could only…Design a true sustainable package without having to spend much0 $$$.

…model the future after Star Trek…