If I can only see a few things in New York...


I’m getting married next week and going to New York for the honeymoon. While I’d love to spend days and days checking out various museums, stores, neighborhoods etc… the wife isn’t a designer and as a result my time spent on “design related sightseeing” will be somewhat limited. :slight_smile:

We will definitely go to MoMA, and neighborhoods like SoHo and TriBeCa will appeal to us both - she will shop and check out the buildings and I will just check out the buildings.

Given that I’m going to have to be selective about what I see… Any suggestions for “must see” design attractions?

And… any cool cafes / restaurant suggestions?


If you find yourself on the Bowery (Bowery and Prince St.) you should peek at the New Museum, its a pretty sweet building. Central Park is also a must, its beautiful especially during the Fall.

If you get a chance the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is also an amazing place to go and see.

Make sure you go to Moss while shopping arround. Definitely try to see the Guggenheim, maybe the Chrysler building if you have time. Get a drink at the rooftop bar at the http://www.hotelgansevoort.com/ or the Soho Grand if you like to people watch.

You can pick up a design guide to the city at Flight 001. It’s not cheap, but it is awesome.