IF and Red Dot Award

I’m curious to know your opinions about these 2 organizations. I just found the Red Dot Award book in my office and noticed that designers in the Jury are also the ones receiving prizes. Shouldn’t they be excluded from the competition even if they are not in the voting committee for their own product category???
I also noticed that one member of the IF award Jury is the head of a major German manufacturer, which also received awards.
What the hell is Red Dot Award doing in Singapore??? Maybe the government payed them to be there since the Chinese wouldn’t?

I’m not trying to rant here but this whole award thing is out of hand a bit,no? I checked the core77 awards and my first impression was that it seemed more open and professional, hope you guys take over soon.


It is just a game.
Some designs are accepted by common users but can not accepted by jury. Jury often judge design with professional eyes, but which is not always right.
If the design is really good , you should not consider whether its designer is jury.

I’d say its a business just like anything else. Pretty clever though!

Typically anyone whos product is entered is not allow to juror for their specific products. At least thats how the IDSA has always done it.

Once you become a professional you realize that most awards are financially motivated PR for your company. As a student, it’s a great form of recognition, but things like the IF are often “hey do you want to pay to be in our book?” Usually upon winning you need to spend several thousand dollars to get a page in the book and an actual award. They have to finance themselves somehow.

Well put… and unless a client pays for the thousands of dollars in fees, there’s no sense for an individual designer to even enter unless its to advertise themselves or their company

So what are your thoughts of the Core77 Award, any different? I feel the award is more personal, i don’t know why, just a feeling

I’m still waiting for some amswers, anyone?

The Red Dot Award costs money to enter and you need to sign up for a year of promotion and crap like that… to me, the red dot is just a meaningless symbol marketing departments like to put on their boxes to try to artificially elevate the status of the product. I don’t think it’s earned anymore, but rather bought… but perhaps that’s just little old cynical me.

I agree, but still I wouldn’t mind having a couple… maybe if the client pays :wink:

Out of 4,515 entries this year 71,23 per cent didn’t win an award. (Red Dot Design Award )

We’ve entered stuff that hasn’t won and stuff that has. They don’t tell you “we’ll let you win if you pay”, they inform you of the decision and if you “lost” there’s no option on saying “please reconsider, we can pay”. So you do have to impress some judges, if that’s what you mean by “earn it”.

I prefer to view red dot as a distinction rather than a Gold-silver-bronze type of prize. Theoretically, in a good year for design, 100% could receive it. Rest assured, It’s a smart business idea.

engio: thanks. Now we can concentrate on complaining about the judging!