IED and jobs after graduation

Hello people, I am enrolled in industrial design in IED milano for next year and I was just wondering what people are doing after graduation, where they work and so on, and what can I expect in salary, I know that it’s of course based on my skills but besides from that, do people get salary like stockbrokers or cleaning ladies?

but what I’m most curious about is where do ID students from IED work, If anyone know some examples that would be really nice :smiley:


you can get all sorts of jobs in all sorts of places after graduating…there can’t be allot of IED milaino guys on here, thus your lack of replys

Take a look over at the coroflot salary survey if you want an indication of earnings.

My tip would be to do some placements/internships while you are at uni…say in the summer or take a gap year, as this will not only improve your knowledge level it will make you much more employable.