IEd and IAAD, Italy. Which one is good?


i recently interested in both school. Can anyone tell me which one is better? and why?



I live in Milan and have to say I have not heard very good things from the students who attended IED. If you plan on following the english speaking program you have to know that in general that Italians are very bad at English (at least here in Milan). I have heard students complaining that teachers english was very poor and hard to understand. IED is not recognized by the italian ministry of education so you do not get a “real” diploma, just certificate of attendance. I don’t know if you care about that but to me it was important in selecting a school.
I don’t know how good the Turin school is especially if you want to study transportation design, but it is run by the same people and they seem very commercial. They advertise all over the place (magazines, metro, buses), things I do not think are good. If a school is good, it does not need to advertise

As for IAAD I have never really heard much that you could find usefull. But from there website if they post an image like this :

Then it tells me a bit about the overall quality of work. Italian design is greta when it comes to furniture, but for product design it way behind and most of the stuff now is designed by foreigners.

If you are going to study in Italy I would reccomend you learn Italian as that is a big part of the culture and learning process. I personally don’t see the point in going to a foreign country just to study in English.

If you really want to study in Italy your best bet is the Politecnico in Milan. The entrance exam is a bit hard and covers math, italian history, litterature, and science. Its hard to get in but its the best school out of the lot.

As I told you before, from personal experience your best off studying in another country. Mainly because the job situation is very poor here (the wages are funny 500 euros is good), you will probably have to go abroad after your done studying to find work. There is so much competition that they can get away with paying such low wages.[/img]

Hi Krivo,

Thank you very much for your information.
I’m attending to apply for Product design in Italian. So now i’m learning an Italian language.
I got your point that the school may promote themself too much. i once want to go to the Politecnico di milano also. But since i didn’t have any science background (i chose english-french programs when i was in high school) So it may be impossible to pass the exams for the polictecnico.
Btw, what school will you recommend beside the politecnico? Or the exam is not that hard and i can learn science within 6 months to go there?

Please give me some advices.

Thank in advance.


I really do not know exactly what is involved in the exam but I know it is in Italian. As for other schools, I have discussed this a number of times with other members of my class and it seems that there really are no other big schools for product design. The market for industrial design is small in italy. Most studios look for architects when designing lighting and furniture (the main design in Italy). There was a time when there was no such thing as industrial design courses and thats why all the great designers had architecture backgrounds (Colombo, Bellini, Pontri, etc.). The italians are very old school when it comes to this. Because of this they use autocad more than anything else. As I have said before your better off going to Germany, Holland, or England for product design.

If you really want to be in Italy, your better off studying interior or architecture.
I have a friend that went to politecnico for a year and he said that it is very much theory based (lectures) and the class sizes were very large. He changed schools because he wanted more hands on work. Out of my class at NABA only one manged to find employment (the employer was a friend of her cousin), which is very sad. Its all about who you are related to here unfortunatly.

But this may be a NABA problem. On there masters web site for interior design they put up renderings of mine that I did for a video game console as well as a train and some other very much industrial design stuff. Tells you a lot about the school. Not to mention that they did this without asking my permision or even putting my name anywhere.


I have completed my graduation in interior designing and i wish to study further, which college is good for Masters in interior designing in Italy, and how is FID (Florence Institute of Design)