IDSKETCHING.COM (free sketch video tutorial site) is Live!!!

So here’s the deal - John (jm745) and I (snugja) go way back. We went to the same college took the same classes, and have some of the same passions. We both love sketching, creating and teaching. That’s what IDSKETCHING.COM is all about.

John and I decided that it was about time we share our work and methodology with the general design/art community. We’re no masters by any means, but no such undertaking has been attempted by anyone in any way such as this. We came up with the idea to share and share alike. To have this site as a resource for all to use to better their skillset.

We believe in helping others and providing a resource for all to use absolutely free of charge. We believe that by helping others, you ultimately help yourself in the process.

Alot of time and energy has been put into the site and we hope that you’ll come back weekly for updates and monthly for our longer featured demos. Like I said, this is a massive undertaking. We have a small library to start with, but join us as we make this dream a reality.

Thanks for waiting and being patient! Right now we have 17 videos to watch. The site will be heavily updated in the next 2 weeks so keep visiting and telling your friends about it!

Spencer N. (snugja)

We’ve posted 5 new demos to IDSKETCHING.COM presented by Spencer Nugent. Check em out and be sure to share the link with friends who may be interested!

Camera Sketch
Backpack Sketch
Expressive Sketching
Applying Line Weights
Ellipse Love

Cheers for the cool site guys, very useful resource for a newb such as myself :slight_smile:

dope site Spencer!

I just found this post/site last night and have been tearing through it since then. It’s such a great learning resource. On a completely different level than any horrible youtube sketching videos. Keep up the good work, It’s like crack for ID students!

I found your site a few days ago. It’s great! It’s definitely helping me out.
Thanks! Keep it up.