as a student should we join the IDSA? any thoughts? any one use the mentor from the IDSA? did it help you in any way?

student membership is fairly inexpensive if I remember right (isn’t it like 5 bucks?). You get access to the list of professionals and the ability to enter the merit awards.

I’ve gone back and forth on professional membership and finally netted out thinking that at this time its just not worth it.

I’d say it’s good to get right before you graduate so you can get it at the discount and have the meetings/network potential for that time after graduating while you’re trying to find work. I don’t think it’s quite as necessary for professionals unless you are trying to actively make changes in the whole ID scene or you’ve moved to a new place for networking and learning about the new area. Also if you’re already well established and want to make your knowledge available for newbies.

I pay $20 a year through our student chapter of IDSA but you don’t really get anything, newsletters, etc… If you don’t have a student chapter at your school you will be shelling out $50/year directly to IDSA with newsletters and login to the website. Quite a few resources to look at. It also depends on your own will to use it. It works for me.