IDSA web site is morphing

I have noticed over the last month or tow that IDSA’s web site is changing. First, I am not trying to steer people away from Core77 (I am a moderator for gods sake).

Changes I have noticed:

  1. A calender of all IDSA events (Chapter, Section, District and National)
  2. Design Buzz and Design Bytes have more interesting articles.
  3. Today and IDSA Twitter feed popped up, as well as a poll.
  4. Connexx resources - Though this is mostly for Chapter and Section leaders it shows transparency on how IDSA works.

I have a feeling that more changes are in the works.

The calander is handy.

Back at the regional conferences, they mentioned the IDSA site will be revamped. It’s nice that they are rolling it out slowly.

There’s a Connexx resources link!? I’ve been searching for connexx and siftingh through the first page of unrelated articles the first few times I needed something, before bookmarking the page I needed.


Look at the bottom of the home page

putting plugs in a rotting boat is a fools job…not saying IDSA is, just love the phrase. :laughing:

Out of curiosity, Zip…do you have anything POSITIVE to say about Design?

I love good design, and have strived to produce it too. IDSA however is not my bag of cumquats as they have never approched the task from a holistic perspective and have lauded via various awards a long line of half baked products.

hey Tim,
didn’t you conduct a survey for IDSA on how to alter the org for the better?
is this part of the results?


Wow, people have to good of a memory here. I came up with the belief that IDSA did many things but did not communicate it externally well. I guess the web site is a start in that direction. But I would never take credit for all of the changes that are occurring. A few different people are making sure the changes are occurring.