IDSA web site is morphing

I have noticed over the last month or tow that IDSA’s web site is changing. First, I am not trying to steer people away from Core77 (I am a moderator for gods sake).

Changes I have noticed:

  1. A calender of all IDSA events (Chapter, Section, District and National)
  2. Design Buzz and Design Bytes have more interesting articles.
  3. Today and IDSA Twitter feed popped up, as well as a poll.
  4. Connexx resources - Though this is mostly for Chapter and Section leaders it shows transparency on how IDSA works.

I have a feeling that more changes are in the works.

Core was the first. early adopters to the internet migrated to core. IDSA was a late bloomer and attracted late in the game. Of course they have to play catch up.

with all its members and connections, im surprised IDSA’s employment section sucks. it should be the de-facto place to find an ID job.

At least with their newsletter, IDSA has some of the choicest job postings. I haven’t compared it with Core in a while though. Maybe not quantity, but quality…