IDSA student membership

Hi I’m a freshmen at Pratt Institute majoring in Industrial Design

I was looking through IDSA website and i found out that students can be a member for $50…

do you think it’s worth it to become a student member of IDSA?

If you go to any of their conferences, student member rates are often at least $50 cheaper, which instantly makes the membership pay for itself.

Otherwise, it is what you make of it. If you plan to be very involved, a student membership can be very worth it. But, if you’re going to sit back, tag “sIDSA” after your name, and just browse through the magazine… probably not worth it.

Hi, I usually don’t post comments. But, I had to say this was a really good post. Great site!

Not sure if its all the hours i’ve been putting in r what, but this made me laugh.