IDSA Southern District Conf 2011: What d'ya think?

Hey, if you made it out to Austin for the IDSA Southern District Conference, I’d like to know what you thought.

Did you have a good time? Did you learn anything? Meet anyone interesting? Think it was worth your time/money?

What d’ya think?


Warren, nice meeting you at conference, we need to stay in touch as fellow NC natives. Conference was a good time (as always). There were 1 or 2 presentations that were a little to dry to keep the attention of a room full of designers, but I thought the majority of the speakers really prepared and everyone took some knowledge back home. Austin was a smaller city than I expected, but sure packs a punch - the food, design scene and people are all great. My only complaint, and you probably know this, was the bus situation. The bus schedule probably should have been on the neck tags, instead of a separate post card as well. It was interesting getting the perspective from a student last year, to a professional this year. I think I met pretty much everyone in ID from NC/SC so there is a lot to be said about that. No regrets about taking the time and money to come out. Looking forward to next year.


I attended - and enjoyed it very much. Definitely met a lot of cool new people. And a great place to meet potential interns and review portfolios. Airfare, taxis, hotels, etc. add up fast. But looking back on this and past conferences, it has been well worth it.

There were a couple that I found especially helpful: Ken Musgrave’s presentation about Dell’s Experience Design Group, and Sam Lucente’s Design Value Matrix. I also really like the ID cards from Loughborough University.

The only thing that is disappointing is that I can’t attend all of the presentations that are occurring simultaneously. I wish there were two or three of me :slight_smile:

Hey Racer, thanks for the comments. The good news is that this year, with the help of students from the University of Houston, we attempted to video record most if not all the presentations. We’ll let you know when all this stuff is posted.

Thanks again,