IDSA SDC in Charlotte, NC this weekend: Who's going?

Okay guys, who am I gonna see there?

Yours-truly will be speaking, so bring yer rotten tomatoes… :smiley:


I’ll be there! …workin on the portfolio currently.
Couchsurfing too.

I’ll also be making the trip down.

This was my first conference and it was such a great experience. I had so much fun too! Glad to see a bunch of Core77 members made it out. I can’t wait till next year!

Glad to hear you enjoyed the event. :slight_smile:

Anyone else out there have any feedback on the Southern District Conference?


Congratulations to Arvin, merit award winner, and UH School of Design as a strong up and coming Uni.

Wish I could have made the conference myself

I can’t believe I paid $75 for a closing party ticket for my girlfriend only to get 1 drink ticket and a tiny amount of food that she couldn’t eat (vegetarian). :frowning:

If theres one consistent demand from IDSA conferences it should be “Don’t screw up the food or booze”

Really strong showing from the merit award winners - it was a very small gap that seperated the top 5.

I missed my flight on Friday so I know I missed a lot of content, but I probably enjoyed Paul Reeders talk the most - very interesting look into starting your own business that probably scared the piss out of most of the students but some really interesting insights.

I think we all thought that was disappointing-- I’ll make sure that gets noted. Glad you enjoyed the rest of the event, though.


While I was not there and would never think that food and drink are not vital to a District Conference, you have to realize that the more food the more it costs you. And therefore the more you have to charge for the event.

Having been a Southern District VP in the past I can tell you that what ever the catering cost, add 50% to that for various taxes and service charges. At one District Conference I went almost $10K over budget because the costs are very hidden and no one tells you. Very painful. In general food and beverage makes up about 70% of the hosts budget for the entire conference. 20% goes to AV and that leaves 10% for everything else.

That said, never skimp on the evening food. That never goes well.

Having been to enough conferences it’s definately less then common when the line extends about 250 feet around the entire restaurant, all for 4-5 trays of appetizers, 4 of which all had meat (even the potatos). Not to mention super small appetizer plates so you couldn’t take enough to feed yourself even if you wanted to. (I did enjoy my bruschetta, pepperjack brownie satay though. :laughing: )

If that was included in my portion of the conference fee, fine - I could’ve lived with it. But the fact that I spent $75 to have my girlfriend wait in line for 20 minutes to get a cranberry and vodka, and a brownie and some bruschetta was more then annoying, only to leave the party early (I would have loved to stay and party on) to go find some real food because we were both starving. I know it costs more money, but this one was just a miss on all accounts I think.

I think in this case it was just a reality of the venue - the place was very nice, but had no proper kitchen so they were at the mercy of the caterer.

Thanks demon, certainly one of my goals was to paint an accurate picture that jumping up and saying that you want to launch your own product should not be taken lightly. The road is cluttered with barriers and people who do not care about “your design” and only want “your money”. I suppose some parts of my presentation might have been scary to some of the students, but it is a valuable message to hear early in your career.

I had a great time meeting the students and re-connecting with professional friends. I thought that the conference was really well organized and professionally executed. Thanks to the ISDA Southern District for allowing me to take part. You also need to check out John Bielenberg and Pam Dorr’s message. They spoke right before I did and have a game changing outlook.