IDSA NE Conf 2011...Who's going?

I just signed up for the IDSA NE district conference. It looks preety interesting this year. Anyone else plan to be there?


I’m going to the Southern.


Was just checking out the list of speakers today-- looking forward to seeing John Maeda present. I’ll be there

Yeah there looks to be some pretty decent speakers this year. I will be there and will be review portfolios.

Two designers from our office (Smart Design NYC) are also heading over to present on designing for women, Nate Giraitis and Erica Eden. Look forward to seeing you there!

Karen Baker
Femme Den, Smart Design

Great to hear. Looking forward to it.

Hope to meet you there! We have a solid group of students who will be attending-


I hope to see you there! I am happy to hear that about your group!!

Who else is going!! There has to be more than just us three!!


I’ll be there. It will be my first conference. I have no clue what to expect, but I am very excited!

Ok…who’s here?