IDSA National Conference Reviews?

I didn’t go to the conference this year, too busy. Any reviews from those that did go?

This was my third national conference and it felt more of the same. I felt it was another year where as a practicing corporate designer, most of the talks got lost in the DIY theme which felt much more relevant for those who are making hemp bracelets in their basement than for someone in my shoes. There were a few really enjoyable parts though - was fascinated by Michael Cyszs, made me want to go buy a motor cycle. John Hoke from Nike was also pretty enjoyable, but a lot of other keynotes I felt were either uninteresting or irrelevant, which I’ve found is usually the case for IDSA. Though in general this year was a lot less of the people saying “design is dead!” which is a vibe I got from a lot of previous conferences.

Awesome city, almost everything within walking distance
Great parties (W&K, Ziba, Core77)
A few enjoyable talks
Some really good talent to scout at the portfolio reviews

Hotel was kind of crap. Couldn’t compare to Southbeach or the Biltmore. All IDSA conferences need a pool thats open after hours!
A lot of average, hard to sit through talks
Very few students compared to usual, I think Portland is just a harder city to get to so many didn’t come

I still find the most value in IDSA conferences is just networking with other designers. The conference itself is mostly just filler.

Ha, this is why I didn’t go. I’ve spoken with Michael Cyszs and spent the last 8 years with John, and I felt those were the most interesting looking speakers. I suggested a bunch of speakers and offer to speak on transitioning from consultant to corporate and back to consultant again, but all was deemed to design focused…

This is my first time going to a national conference. Being as a students, and I only went to Midwest conference once, I dont have too much experience to compare. However, I think besides John Hoke and Michael Cyszs (really amazing), there was one smaller presentation from Ann-marie Conrado talking about HOPE initiative, she focused on “design for developing country”. which is very inspiring. I do think it is really hard to talk to people there and to find other students, like the merit award winners, even the closing night party, everything seems pretty…separate i think.
but yeah, overall, it is a very good experience. If the registration fee could be a little less, I’ll definitely go next year. ha.

It’s nice to meet up with people, have a few drinks, and more importantly - have a wicked night of pool parties!

Does anyone know where next years conference will be? I had to catch a red eye out Saturday night so I missed the closing ceremony where they usually announce that.

hopes its somewhere warm

New Orleans :slight_smile:

Okay, I would be at New Orleans in a heart beat!

The town is of course going to be a good time, I just question the design influances in New Orleans. Regardless I am going to try to make it next year.