IDSA NATIONAL CONFERENCE 2007 to go or not ?

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To go or not to go…has anybody been to past Idsa national conference ? did you like ? Is it worth it ? Should I spend the $ 1000 to go…? Have you benefited from going?

I’ve been to a few and I always go away with mixed feelings. For me, being almost 9 years out of school, its a great way to catch up with old friends and acquaintances and see some design at the same time, and right it all off. The parties around the conference are usually way better than the actual conference IMO. It is also a great opportunity to meet people and network. Over the years I’ve met quite a few core77 posters at those events, and its always cool to put a real face with a login name.

I’m really want to go for the networking but I’m not sure if it is worth it ?

The National Conference is not for everyone, but it’s certainly the best place to get to know the rest of the ID family (and it’s a relatively tight knit family at that).

The presentations are often not educational as such, but often inspirational, which is a hard thing to measure unless you put it into use directly after the conf.

But for me, these two reasons –the socializing and the inspiration, are reasons enough to go every year. This year will be the one not to miss, with hundreds of international big-name designers coming -the conf is combined with ICSID’s International Congress.