IDSA National '10 - Whos going?

That time of the year again - what Core folk will be heading over to Portland?

I will, of course, be there. :slight_smile:

As a broke college student the cost of attending is a bit beyond my ramen budget. I’m extremely interested in this year’s topic though, any chance of any conference related content ending up on the IDSA website for members to view?

That would be a really great way to get value from an IDSA membership… +1

I can’t swing the cost this year. I will add a +1 to the requests above.

Duly noted. The conference microsite -

  • has some platforms already set up to publish and collect participant-generated content and coverage – check the “Participate” section for preliminaries, and know that this will be growing and expanding as the conference comes closer. There won’t be any official videography of the sessions, but between Core’s coverage and all the user content that will be collected on the microsite, there should be a good stack of useful information post-conference.