IDSA-MW Awesomeness

Last weekend John Caruso and his team put together the biggest ever regional IDSA conference. Not only hot at the box office but also great content. Somehow he got the magic formula just right.

OK, OK the last session draaaaaaaged on a bit, and the evening bar crawls were more like treasure hunts without the treasure, but all in all it was about as good as a regional conference gets.

Those of you who DON’T go to regional conferences can go ahead and click that ‘Back’ button because I won’t be able to convince you of something you don’t already know. Yes, it was 75% students, and yes, some of the presentations made you feel like running out the door gasping for a loaded Starbucks (happened to me twice). And there were no ‘headline’ fire jugglers or dancing girls to speak of -so why do I claim this was so good?

Quite simple- the discussions outside of the presentations were clearly at a much higher level than before. The presentations had evidently brought some thought-provoking stuff to the surface, people were clearly inspired. AND THAT’S ALL YOU NEED FROM A CONFERENCE!

Any other views about the MW conf, good or bad? Go ahead and tell me I’m wrong.


All of my students that went from UIC said they had a really good time and it opened up a world of possibilities to them.