IDSA Midwest Influence conference

Anybody else going?

We will be there as well, taking the baby to my parents and then driving down.

I was planning on it for awhile, but there are a few things popping off at my alma-mater that I simply could not miss.

I hope to meet up with you some other time Yo, have fun with the mini Converse reunion, shall I document some Chucks in action for you?

Thinking about it…I’m just getting interested in Industrial Design. What do the rest of you think: Is this a good conference just to talk to people informally about the field? Also, it seems like on-line registration is closed–not sure if I want to take a chance on a on-site registration spot!



I checked in here at the Marriott about an hour ago. I’ll be in your INFLUENCE TRENDS workshop tomorrow at 12:30. Guess we’ll finally get to meet on another then. See you tomorrow, I’m off to bed…