IDSA Mideast District Conf 2011: Thoughts or Comments?

Hey, if you made it out to Cincinnati for the IDSA Mideast District Conference, did you have a good time? Did you learn anything? Meet anyone interesting? Think it was worth your time/money?

How was it? Thoughts? Comments?


yea, good times. Met some good folks, and re-connected with some old classmates.
interesting mix of speakers too, definetly worth my time.
is what I learned worth the money? considering the speakers aren’t getting paid and need not to give any competitive advantages away…so I’d have to say the value is inspirational. and there were some very inspiring speaches.

I felt the information from many of the speakers was much more generous than I have seen before. As Sam Lucente said Design is beginning to codify itself and I walk away with some great graphic interpretations of design that I was bale to use immediately.

  1. How big was this? Did a lot of students go?
  2. Does it make sense for an ID student without a portfolio (1st or 2nd year for ex) to go?

Yes!!! Even if you don’t have a portfolio, just seeing other students work and meeting professionals is worth the trip!