IDSA Mid East Conf 2011...Who's going?

So who is going to the IDSA Mid East Conference?

I will be there.

I would have liked to but $170 a pop is something that was never in my budget :confused:

I think the same applies to all the other students at CMU.

I’m sorry to hear that. I guess the trip to Portland blew the budget, huh? Sorry you won’t be able to make it, Linda. Hopefully we’ll see you and more of your CMU classmates at future IDSA conferences (maybe after you graduate?). Many students find those events to be worthwhile investments in their careers.

BTW, Linda, as an IDSA student member, your registration would have only been $99, not $170. Oh well, maybe next year…



I’ll be there. Luckily the conference is in Cincinnati this year, so it makes the trip/commitment much more manageable.