IDSA Membership feedback

Hi Justin,

By the way, you and everyone else should know that we are also in the process of rebuilding our website at IDSA (no, what you see up there right now is NOT it). By our own admission, the website is very poor and doesn’t represent the functional or aesthetic needs of our creative designer community. Rest assured that we are working to fix that. You’d be surprised to learn how complicated rebuilding a website of IDSA’s size can be. Plus, we want to make sure that we build in the utility our members are expecting.

One of those functional objectives will be to provide forums for discussions on the new website. Like you, many of us frequent many social networking and design community websites and we try to participate whenever we can. (In fact, it was me who came across your post–albeit a few days late, and alerted others to your concerns.) The point is: If you or any of our members have a issue or concern with IDSA, you should feel free to connect directly with those at IDSA making those decisions so that they can respond.

In the future, we hope our new website to provide that conduit. But know that in the meantime, you can e-mail any of us directly. The contact list for the IDSA Staff can be found here:

And the contact info for the IDSA board can be found here:

Believe me, we want this to be a two way street. If I hadn’t happened across your post on Core77, who knows how much more IDSA bashing and misinformation would have perpetuated? Then some folks might have decided not to go and missed out on a great event. But your input is very much appreciated and fortunately, it looks like Marco is going to try to incorporate some of them. Good thing those comments didn’t come a week before it started. :wink:

So, I encourage you and everyone else with questions, concerns and/or suggestions for how IDSA can meet your needs to reach out to us directly-- Just as we are trying to do with you. Thanks again for you input and I hope you decide to attend and enjoy the conference.