IDSA material blog

just came across this randomly today. Not sure if it’s an official IDSA thing or what. Either way some interesting posts, so thought I would share…


Hi Richard,

Yes, it is an official IDSA blog. I created it when I went to NPE2009 in Chicago a few months ago and I had wanted to start a blog for a while so… The idea was to post stuff about materials and manufacturing that I thought would be interesting to an industrial designer (or at least to me). There’s so much content out there written for engineers and I wanted offer more information aimed specifically at IDs.

Also, since I’m now the Section VP of IDSA, I’m trying to encourage the other Sections to also start blogs since they’re free and a lot more fluid and easier to use than traditional web pages…

Hope you enjoy it.


I think it’s an excellent blog… I wish it were linked off the Core77 page because I would check it more, but I bet you’ll have features there pretty often.

keep up the great work!

Great stuff. Bookmarked…

Thanks folks… Glad you like what I’m doing…

Is there a current links page on Core? The one I found was dated 2004…


Great blog! Lot’s of interesting posts. Keep up the good work!

Thanks very much!