IDSA/ICSID Conference - Are you going?

I was looking into the IDSA conference with the idea that I might go this year. Its $1145 as an international non-member.

There’s a good selection of presenters that seems to be worth that amount. I was wondering what other thought. Are you going? Is it worth $1200? Other comments/crits?

nope, they dont let old cranky farts in.

Love to go, but I don’t have enough vacation time left this year.

My company would never think of sending me.

how long is the conference and where could we stay ?

zippyflounder stole my line

Check out the IDSA website for more info: I think its 3 or 4 days in San Francisco.

Where to stay? Hotel would be my guess. Although if I go I would be staying with a roommate from Uni.

I just got another email. I wish I was going!

Two CONNECTING’07 Design Galleries = Twice the Experience!

IDSA has doubled the fun at CONNECTING’07: Icsid/IDSA World Design Congress by hosting TWO Design Galleries! As veteran attendees know, the Galleries are not only the hot spots for networking, eating, drinking and relaxing at the Congress, they’re an educational opportunity. Stop in to learn about materials, processes, software solutions, printing, engraving, prototyping, color, design from around the world and top firms and corporate design departments in the US. Space is limited and will sell out, so if you’re not among the booth and panel exhibitors listed below, there’s no time like the present to check out the remaining spaces by clicking here:

Questions? Contact Gigi Thompson Jarvis at

Booth space has been reserved by:
Academy of Art University
ASM International
Associaçäo Brasileira de Empresas de Design
Association of Canadian Industrial Designers
Bayer MaterialScience LLC
Dassault Systèmes Americas
Dell, Inc.
DesignMall Korea
Design Singapore
Design Management Institute (DMI)
Dow Corning
DuPont Performance Materials
Freetech Plastics
GK Design International Inc. (GKDI)
GLS Corporation
Mersive Technologies
Model Solution Co., Ltd.
Models Plus, Inc.
NCS-Natural Color System
Nissha USA
Northern Engraving
OrcaDesign Consultants
Plastics News
RKS Design
Savannah College of Art and Design
Serigraph, Inc.
TATA Elxsi

Display panels have been reserved by:
A2 Design
Altitude Inc.
Arnell Group
Associaçäo Brasileira de Empresas de Design
Atom Design
BHS Home Appliance
BMW DesignworksUSA
Carbon Design
Consumer Electronics Association
Crown Equipment Corp.
Design Central
Design Concepts
Design Science
DMC Villa Tosca
Dow Corning
Essential Design
Farm Design
Hong Kong Design Center
Hungarian Design Council
Insight Product Development
Item Design
Level 4 Design
Lunar Design
M Design
Metaphase Design
One & Co
Philips Design
Priority Design
Purdue University
RTP Company
San Jose State University
seven02 design, LLC
Smart Design
TATA Elxsi Limited
Techtronic Industries, Co. Ltd.
Whipsaw Inc.
Worrell Design
Y Studios

Ready to Register??
Don’t wait until the last minute to register for CONNECTING’07. The special “summer” registration discount ends September 30. Take advantage of the opportunity to save as much as $150; register today at and reserve your place at the international table.

For the latest information and all you need to know about CONNECTING’07, visit the CONNECTING’07 web site frequently. We look forward to seeing you at the design event of a lifetime!

I hope many of you can make it. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. There are more speakers and there will be more content than there has been at any previous IDSA conference. Much of the content for the break-out sessions was selected by a blind jury from submitted abstracts making the selection process much more rigorous than in past years.

As of about a week ago, there were registrants from more than 34 countries and the IDSA staff was busy writing letters of invitation (needed for visa applications from some countries - mainly China) for additional international guests.

If you are there, please introduce yourself. I’d love to put some faces to the names on these posts!

See you in San Francisco!

Michelle Berryman
IDSA President

For those who are going to this year’s IDSA conference, are you footing the bill yourself or is your work paying for the registration fees? I’m just curious, because my company won’t even foot the bill for my annual IDSA membership fee. Please let me know, I’d like to gather some information as to how I could possibly explain this will benefit them by sending me.


For those who are going to this year’s IDSA conference, are you footing the bill yourself or is your work paying for the registration fees? I’m just curious, because my company won’t even foot the bill for my annual IDSA membership fee. Please let me know, I’d like to gather some information as to how I could possibly explain this will benefit them by sending me.

I’m lucky enough to be paid to go this year but in many previous years I’ve had to foot the bill myself. It is expensive, and many people do have a hard time justifying the cost to their employers. But somehow hundreds do make it.

The reason I go is yes, to network (I feel dirty), but also because every year I come out of the National Conf with a hundred new ideas; things I want to put into action immediately. It never feels like you learn much per say, but it does INSPIRE. It recharges my batteries every year and some of those ideas do get put into action too.

Ways to persuade the employer:

  1. You’ll wear your business card visibly in the name badge the whole time (the colorful side)
  2. You’ll create a report of the ‘best 10 inspirational ideas’ and present it to the others when you get back (and hope Core77 do some good coverage you can use…)
  3. You’ll bring back a pile of business cards of top excecs at corporations / key design consultancies.
  4. You’ll discuss new modeling technologies and materials with the vendors there and bring back some cool saples (injection modeled leather).
  5. You’ll talk to Michelle Berryman and persuade her to get an IDSA membership group discount for the whole office.
  6. You’ll stop bugging them about getting you a Cintiq.
  7. You’ll get a free drink from me.
  8. You’ll bring back a ‘I went to SF and all I brought back was this lousy hang over’ T-shirt.
    8 If all else fails, try " Please…please…pleeeeeeease…"

I agree the nationals are inspiring (except the NYC blackout year). We are sending four people this year plus we might help a few of our expert freelancers out with conference fees. I could make a second career or a seriously robust hobby out of kicking the crap out of IDSA but this year it seems destined to succeed. Here are my reasons for spending the $8000 for our group:

  1. A lot of the same pompous pricks busily contorting to kiss their own butts will be there BUT this year they will be vastly outnumbered by really down-to-earth designers that are looking to talk about what they do and how they do it.

  2. SF MOMA and other great design, architecture and graphics stops are within walking distance. Check out the W hotle if you have a chance it is really fun after hours.

  3. The area has a collection of exceptionally open, honest and highly intelligent individuals that are so busy paying their astonishingly outrageous rent/mortgage that they do not usually travel for conferences. This is a great chance to meet them.

  4. Sorry NY or Chicago, this area has the best restaurants in the US. Maybe the world? Both in design and food. Holy crap it is expensive but it is really worth it (to me).

  5. Perhaps worth the cost all by itslef: grab a seat and a cocktail with Yo and ask him to give you his take on the International aspect of the conference or the IDSA at large. Priceless.

  6. The students in the area are excpetional, if you are looking to hire.

It will definately be international this year (Asia will be there). We have 6 people coming from the The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and I know of many other businesses and schools, in Asia and Australia, who are sending people.

You want to see the world of design (at least ID). This may be your chance.

As a result of this discussion, I’ve asked the IDSA staff to have Bob Schwartz from Proctor & Gamble draft a letter describing why he thinks the Connecting conference is valuable enough to send more than a dozen designers from P&G. As soon as the letter is posted online, I’ll provide a link. Perhaps Bob’s thoughts will resonate with other design managers and/or give you the tools you need to convince your managers to provide financial support for your attendance at the conference.

We’re working on a similar value proposition letter from the consulting side. I’ll keep you posted.


Ps. About those group discounts, Paul . . . let’s chat!

How about a Core77 group discount?

Get 5 or more ppl from the core boards…appeal to us little guys too.

Michelle, that would be great. Looking forward to the link!

It would be great to have that high level of a testimonial. Maybe it could be penned about last years national in Austin? That might be even better because then it would avoid speculating about all of the new and ambitious things that are happining this year and it would give last years attendees something to match against their own experiences.

To follow up on the conversation that’s transpired, I wanted to let you know that we’ve posted two testimonials on the CONNECTING site about why managers should send their staff to the Congress. One letter is from Bob Schwartz at P&G and the other is from Ravi Sawhney at RKS Design.

Bob’s letter is available at and Ravi’s letter is available at

Then, when you’re ready to register, visit!

Hope to see you there!

Larry Hoffer
Chief Operating Officer

Thanks for getting the letters drafted and posted, Larry.

Thanks also to everyone on the boards for sparking the idea!

Michelle Berryman
IDSA President

I still haven’t been able to determine if I can squeeze it into my schedule… but I might try to scoop up a last minute pop in, it sounds like it is going to be very good.

I plan to go. My wife wants to come and hang out in San Fran. Do any of you know what the rules are as far as her coming along at some of the night events? I understand that we need to buy tickets for the IDEA party but what about the others.