IDSA Compensation Survey

If anyone has a copy of the most recent IDSA compensation survey could you please give me an idea of what an entry level IDer in a Midwest Corporate gig should be making. I have seen the Coroflot version and was wondering if it is comparable to the IDSA survey. If anyone else fits this criteria and has recently found a job please fill me in!

This one from Aquent / AIGA is pretty accurate:

The one from the AIGA is specifically for graphic/motion/web designers. There is no information on product design. It would be nice if IDSA could get one of those together…

The entry level numbers for the midwest are pretty accurate. I don’t know too many people with 0-3 years of experience that make any more than 30 something grand per year in middle america. If I’m wrong i’d love to know what company does pay more cause they probably pay more for other experience levels too.

The coroflot survey says entry level IDers in the midwest are around 40000 for corporate. Is this high?

40k in Chicago isn’t a lot of money for an entry-level corporate industrial designer. But in other parts of the midwest it might be high…

40,000 is probably right for Chicago but the cost of living there is insane compared to other places. Cities like St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, etc are going to be more in the 30,000 range for entry level.

Hell a garden level (basement) apartment in a Chicago neighborhood like Wrilgleyville is going to run you around 700+ a month. I could get an apartment in a secure building with twice the space in STL or KC for 500 or less.

Very true. But Chicago is a very different type of city. It has a lot to offer… St. Louis is is absolutely… awful