IDSA CNY exhibition of auto/vehicle concepts

IDSA CNY exhibition of auto/vehicle concepts from the local and extended design community Mar 3-7

Members of the design community have a rare opportunity to exhibit concept artwork free of charge at the Rochester International Auto Show this year in the main lobby of the Rochester Convention Center. Auto companies have cut back on concept car budgets at regional shows and we have an opportunity to showcase design talent to the general public. You’re invited and encouraged to join the show!

• Auto and other vehicle concepts
• Sketches, renderings, storyboards or photos of sketch models)
• 11X17 landscape or large format (36” wide by 24” or 27” tall)*
• Color output is preferred
• Unmounted prints shipped flat in protective cardboard are preferred. Can be mounted on same size foamcore or illustration board (large format can be shipped rolled in a tube)

• Name and city/location will be provided, white on black below each image (company/firm name can also be included if desired)
• At a minimum, the artwork itself should include the designer’s name and © 2010
• If desired, artwork may include name, city/location, company/firm, logo, e-mail and website (small text is preferred, large text should not exceed .5” cap height)
• Company or Design Firm logos larger than .5” cap height are allowed on 36” wide output only (1.5” cap height max)

• Contact G. Smiley by Feb 1 to reserve spaces on a panel*
• Send image electronically (thumbnail or small file size) to G. Smiley by Feb 15*
• Mail printed image (duplicates preferred instead of originals) to G. Smiley by Feb 26*, or
• Make arrangements to provide images at the show Mar 1

• Informal exhibition, not a competition or contest
• No fees to submit artwork
• Open to any designers and students, not intended for corporate auto employees
• We don’t intend to return images (let us know in advance if you don’t want the images included in any future exhibitions or press (Norwich Classic Car museum, etc.) and/or want to pay to have images shipped back to you
• Officers may choose not to exhibit any artwork that is offensive or does not reflect well on the profession or IDSA
• No liability for lost or misdirected mail
• Registered trademarks must not be used without prior written permission
• Avoid brand identifiers (logos, iconic design cues, copyrights) of existing car companies.

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I could send some stuff if he wants… I think it is a great idea, really fun way to engage people into the process! Should I send some files over?

Contact him at the email at the bottom of the post. Just replace the word “at” for “@”. I think he did this to prevent automated intrusion.