IDSA Board 2014 Election Has Opened

Hi Everyone. There has always been talk on these boards about how to make IDSA a better organization. Well here is a chance to vote for who you feel best fits the job in running the show. The 2014 IDSA ballot is up and voting will be open until Feb 14. There are some great candidates running in all positions with some really great idea on how to expand the value. IDSA has come a long way in the past few years but still has a way to go. All on this ballot have passion for the organization and want to see it grow even further. I personally will be running for NE District VP along with Jeremy Van Hill and welcome your support.

Below is the link to the ballot. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out.


Curious, who’s running the show over at IDSA these days… I dont recall ever seeing that they replace the last “Head” of IDSA…

Hey Chevis,

We hired a new Executive Director, Daniel Martinage a year ago this month. Dan has extensive association management experience and he’s working hard to move IDSA in the right direction for the future.

Dan is a much needed change. He appears to be doing a great job.


I don’t know if i can agree with that statement, I haven’t seen any real change in IDSA… I was just asked if I wanted to re-join and was / am looking for a reason too. In Wi we have had 2 events in the last 2 years - neither of them any true value…

I will admit that the website has much more content in the way of video’s and resource links but those are free too non-members

I still only see the discount to the conferences as being the benefit of a member - and if you don’t attend then that is mute.

Chevis, I believe that has to do with our WI chapter representatives. They’ve basically been inactive. I haven’t heard from them other than a welcome e-mail and that was it. I don’t recall any events hosted for 2013. Maybe we can get involved in the WI chapter somehow?

Maybe we can get involved in the WI chapter somehow?

I did that for 4-5 years prior to our current reps and along with Ryan Ramos and our teams helped to really elevate the chapters output… in the end i became very frustrated and disenchanted with the IDSA leadership and our various interactions…

Not sure if i want to pay 600 plus in membership dues to lead the chapter again and do all that work. IDSA if you are watching maybe as an incentive Chapter Chairs and Vice Chairs get their memberships free during their role… then i might consider coming back as i did have some fun running it had had some really great events although they where webinars we had 500 + attending various ones…

Chevis, I believe that has to do with our WI chapter representatives. They’ve basically been inactive.

This is part of my issue with how IDSA runs, where is the oversight and management to ensure that the chapter members are getting value for their dues, especially when the individuals leading the chapter are not preforming or meeting IDSA chapter criteria…

Hi Chevis - I had some similar thoughts to you a couple years back and voiced them quite loudly on these boards. With this I decided that if I wanted things to change then I needed to talk to the people that were capable of making those changes. I went to NYC planning meetings, got to know the chapter head who then became the District VP. I was able to voice my opinion, but most of all what I saw was that a lot of what I was looking for was actually happening I just did not know it. Since then the communication of the NYC chapter has gotten much better. Can I take credit for that? Maybe a little, but I would say that was more the doing of the heads. What I can say though my consistent voicing of my opinion I was able to get a few things in motion. I also met some really great people along the way, which started to show the true value of IDSA and that is the “boots on the ground” networking and camaraderie of the design community.

IDSA truly is something that you get what you put in. With that said it is still the responsibility of the chapter, district, and even nation organization to project a value that is going to want you to contribute. A lot of time that is just simple communication and information as you have mentioned. As a District VP you are responsible to make sure all chapters are performing. If elected this will be my main goal is to make sure each district is projecting that value to people such as yourself as well as to students and the younger generation to make them want to join and secure the longevity of the organization.

I hope this helps.


Edit: Just wanted to let you know. A membership is $375 not $600 and $50 for a student.


I like your approach and i took a similar one but did not obtain the same results, I know that allot has changed over the last few years and that different people are in different positions, and that is why when asked if i wanted to join i decided to do some digging…

Thanks for your insight, it douse sound like there is some positive growth and development within the structure.

To my knowledge we don’t have communication channels open to our chapter leadership other than their e-mail. I’m not even sure how chapter leadership is selected. Do we even have chapter meetings? Considering nothing has happened all year, I really hope they’re not getting comp’d on their membership because nothing is getting done. Anyhow, I’m still fresh to this whole IDSA thing and I would be willing to assist to get our chapter going.

I understand your frustrations as I’ve encountered them in other volunteer groups that I’ve participated in. Whatever you decide, I’m around to help out if you choose to move forward.

I would reach out to you DVP. Sorry guys I wish I could help but at the moment I can’t. If elected one of my main goals is to work with others on this projected value and communication issue. I will definitely reach out to you guys for some insight. Thanks for the feed back and keep it coming. The more the better.


Hi everyone.

There is less than two weeks to vote for the 2014 IDSA board. There are a lot of great candidates this year and this is your opportunity to make sure your voice is heard.

I am honored to be running for the Northeast District VP. I would welcome your vote. If you are a member cast your vote at . Voting wraps on 2/14.



Hi everyone. The ballot for the IDSA board election closes today. Please make sure you cast your vote so we can keep building and improving the organization. As most of you know, I am running for Northeast District VP and I welcome your support.