IDSA Beyond Conference

Hi there. I am considering attending the IDSA beyond conference in April however this would require my coming home from an exciting vacation I have planned in Asia. I love learning new things about the design world and am seeking out an internship so the conference sounds particulularly interesting to me. I also know, however, that conferences often fall short of their promises. I have never been to an IDSA conference (or any design conference, for that matter) - how are they? is there any time for networking? I don’t want to change my travel plans if i know that IDSA has an iffy track record.

depends which district. if its san fran, la, new york, boston or something like that, go. if its a disctrict with notably lame conferences (like my district) for networking, then skip it. im skipping this year.

i’m referring to the NE conference being hosted by Pratt - I believe the theme is “beyond”. any more thoughts?