IDSA Austin vs. 100% Design

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I’m an ID student having a slight dilema deciding between which conference to attend:

  1. IDSA Austin [sept 17 - 20] or 2) 100% Design [sept 21 - 24]

As much as I would love to attend both, I’m a college student and funding is pretty limited. I’ve managed to apply for some financial help but it will only cover 1 conference.

Any advice on how these two conferences match up?




Maybe Im lame but I haven’t heard of 100%.

I wouldnt recommend idsa every year… but its in austin. you’ll at least see a few design firms and be able to network/meet other designers more so than at any other design event. the global aspect is also a plus and something you’ll be dealing with in your career.

It will be the largest ID event to date in the states.

I’ve never heard of 100% either…is there a website for it? I couldn’t find one in my quick search.

Here’s the link to 100%:

Learnt about this conference during an internship this summer with a pretty well respected, international kitchen + bath company. Apparently many European designers know this one.

Thanks for the feedback!

The two events are very different. The IDSA conf. is a more traditional conference, with sessions, parties, workshops, etc. You’ll meet a lot of people, especially US-based ID professionals and students. The conference this year looks to be more interesting and fun than others have been. Austin is a great town and you’ll have a good time. It might be cheaper to attend this than the UK show, as London is pretty expensive.

100% Design is now morphed into 'London Design Week" and is a two week design festival. There is an actual show - 100% Design - which is a furniture and houseware trade show. But there are dozens of other offsite events, including DesignersBlock, which are great. It is much less structured than the IDSA conf. You’ll be on your own to set an itinerary and see everything. It is definitely a European event, and you’ll meet lots of international folks there.

Both events are great in their own way. If your goal is to get into furniture design or to live/work in Europe then you might do better to go there and meet some people. Here is a photo gallery of last year’s show:

2005 London Design Week

Depends what your objectives are.

If you are trying to meet american contacts, go to IDSA. Simple enough.

If this is your first conference, I’d suggest 100% design. Between on-site, off-site and underground, you will see a lot of different ways designers are thinking and acting on their craft. Don’t expect to meet potential employers though. Expect to get zero sleep.

Interesting…those pictures are amazing by the way

i guess my main intention for the 100% was originally to get exposure to a differerent (European) design perspective altogether. On top of that I’m also interested in a possible internship/work in London next year after I graduate.

I will be in London for vacation sometime in October regardless - will there be good exhibitions up at that time as well (I’m guessing since it’s London, probably yes)?

From a networking perspective, what’s the best way to get into contact with design firms in the UK? Will attending the 100% help significantly?

IDSA will be nice enough. 100% Design will blow your mind.

If you’ve never been to an IDSA conference, then it’s probably the right place to start. Lectures and meeting US professionals will help guide you thru your final year at school. You’ll see what skills you need to bolster and what employers in the US are looking for.

If your interests are less mainstream and more on the cutting edge and you’re interested in experiencing a “design culture”, 100% Design will expand your design thinking and inspire new ideas and concepts.

Both are worth experiencing, but both are quite different experiences.

I am going to be going to 100% design, so if you don’t make it yet want the guide books etc, personal mail me and I can send them to you.

I hope that helps


100% is very comercal lots of furniture/lighting/interiors stuff…not much product. The other events that go on around in London between th 15 - 30 spet are much more rewarding…designers block is a must!

There is one big difference in this years IDSA conf. Its actually GLOBAL!

This is way different than prev nationals.

Lenova will be there in full force… Samsung and others will be joined by sattelite link live in the evenings. This is now a truly global conference for the first time… and hopefully more interactive.

Oh yeah… don’t forget to hit Design Alley in Austin. Top notch.

What’s the Design Alley?

I admit that I’m biased toward the IDSA conference because I’m an IDSA officer and because I’ve been involved in some of the planning for this conference. That being said however, this conference should really break the mold on how people think about IDSA conferences. It’s an updated and revamped format, not the same old, same old. It will be global. There will be some evening sessions with participants in Asia. Overall, the speakers should be very high quality too - not the usual suspects. They’ve all been asked to steer clear of Power Point too (thank God).

And don’t forget the mechanical bull that Priority Designs is going to have in the design gallery. Definitely not your usual conference fare.

Hope to see you there.

Design Alley block party event during IDSA National Conference in Austin - BE THERE!

WHERE: West 2nd Street between Lavaca and Colorado [200 block]
WHEN: Monday, September 18, 2006 – 7:30 -10pm
TEXAS HOMEGROWN SPONSORS: M3, ID-ONE, Fahrenheit, PDT, Radica, Red, Ignition, Design Edge, Pentagram, Custom Creation

What we have planned:

  • Local shops participating; an eclectic mix of local fashion, design and food businesses
  • Outdoor DJ (Trey Lopez) and outdoor sound system with projected image show on exterior buildings
  • Segway Ballet show
  • YoYo Troupe
  • Hot rod car club (5 or 6 cars on display)
  • Projection show
    -17 ft archway at the entrance of 2nd street at Colorado
  • Complimentary t-shirts
  • Food and Beverage provided by all store owners

Design Alley invitation:
The Design Alley invite will go in each conference attendee’s registration package. Other invitations available by contacting idsatexas - go to

For 2nd St. Biz District details go to

SEE YOU IN AUSTIN on MONDAY, 9/18, 7:30-10:30pm!

Any general questions, please contact:
IDSA Texas President: Tim Sweeney:

IDSA Texas

AUSTIN IDSA Conference is the place to be! They will be talking about this one for years to come! Lot’s of cool venues, truly global break-out speakers not talking at you! Great music - stage with different music type band each day at lunch and evening events every night!
SUN night - Design Gallery Opening Reception with Gypsy Jazz band DJANGO’s MOUSTACHE following by Core 77 Party at Club DeVille w/ DJ
MON night - Design Alley Block Party in 2nd St. Biz District followed by FROG design party
TUE night - Eastman Innovation Lab/RKS Rocks Austin! Party - Talented
Indie Band - LOMITA - Red Eyed Fly - live music venue and bar on Red River St.
WED night - IDEA Party with rockabilly/rock/honky tonk band - TWO TONS OF STEEL at legendary Stubbs BBQ on Red River St.

ALL above events are FREE except for SUN night Design Gallery Opening Reception & WED night IDEA after party at Stubb’s!

GET TO AUSTIN, you won’t be sorry!
Ty Rarick


I assume some of these things are off the convention site?

Are you sure I can’t go to the IDSA conference, o might Core Admin? Pwease???


Thoughts so far?