IDSA Austin Exchange conference

I’m finally making it to a IDSA national conference. Who else is going?

I know that they have at least one evening cocktail planned, but any advice and where to eat, what to see outside the conference?

I am in, as usual. And who could pass up Austin, TX.

Ill be there. Ive never been to Austin so looking forward to the music, BBQ, and the booze. Oh and great people of course.


I’ll be there. Short drive down for me right now

Gotta check out one of my favorite places to eat in the city.

Me too. Austin is the bomb.

Let’s do a Core Boards dinner? Who is in? Sway looks like a killer place to hold it. I’ll take a look around too.

Confirm here and I’ll make a reservation.

It’s going to be great to put some faces to the usernames!

I’m down. We may want to start another thread in the event section.


This is the event section…isn’t it?

Ha!! Oops. I have a newborn at home and have been running on very little sleep. Brains not working too well.


I would enjoy a dinner with people I have been talking to forever but never met :slight_smile:

Just wanted to ping this one up the list. IDSA national is coming up. Who’s going and who wants to do dinner?!?!?!


I’ll be there as well with several co-workers. How about VIP status at the Core party? All these posts gotta count towards something! :wink:

I’ll make it down Wednesday night. I’m down for drinks or dinner.

Here are some places I’ve found. Anything stand out for you guys:

La Condesa - Mexican

Stubb’s BBQ - BBQ

The aforementioned Sway - Thai

Thursday night only lists the IDSA film festival in the evening. I suggest we meet up then. 6:30 sound good?

We’re only a week away. Did this idea fall apart?

Might be easiest to just set up a happy hour at a bar, (easier to commit to it.) I’m not versed well enough in the bars in the area to offer any suggestions though.

Yeah not sure if I’ll be able to make dinner on Thursday.

For those here. You need to check out Uncommon Goods on Sourh Congress. Awesome vintage / antique store

Any post conference thoughts?

I thought it was great. I’m hoping to get back next year. I actually didn’t realize how much I was inspired and had learned until I gave a little presentation to my design team. Well worth it.

I especially liked the group discussions. It was a great way of both meeting people and getting some viewpoints that one doesn’t find in the formal presentations. That’s valuable for a guy that is corporate in a medium sized company.

What continuing education was offered?