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Hi all

Sorry if this isn’t posted in the correct section but it seems right.

Has anyone used the IDRAW Cars reference sketchbook? IDRAW CARS Sketchbook

I’m just wondering if at $25 if it is worth the money compared to just buying a ream of paper and practicing?

Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback!

It provides you with some good fundamental insights and key guidelines all in one place.

Now the question is what is your time worth…

Everything in the book can be located in the following way:

  1. google search and find car drawing techniques and tutorials
  2. buddy up to a person who is amazing at sketching and gather pointers from them
  3. overlays and dissect images
  4. “grab a ream of paper and crank it”

If you are a newbie to drawing cars i would say invest the 25… or ask for it for christmas

I’ll second chev’s assessment. Basically the book is a tracing tool.

Head on down to an office supply company (Staples, Office Max, etc.) and find and 8.5" X 11" pad of tracing vellum; quadrille ruled might help you visualize better. Find a stack of you favorite transportation magazines (Car & Driver, 4x4, Truck, whatever) and start tracing. I suggest 8.5 x 11 because larger format paper can be intimidating to “new” designers, not to mention a little more pricy. The down-side being that it limits your ability to “throw” long sweeps and a develop loose style sketching.

You’ll soon start to develop a feel for proportion and elliptical projection (how wheels look from various angles).

As stated on their webpage…

The goal of this book is to encourage practice - so make it your own, and you’ll have a great process book for your portfolio once you’ve filled it up.

quadrille ruled