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cool video. though i was hoping for a little more than a passing reference on why he thought the PD program at stanford was ‘heaven’. CBS probably edited it out for steve jobs fodder.

Just watched this. I enjoyed seeing the personal side of Kelley, his urge to tinker, take apart, and explore things—I can totally relate to that!

So, was it the first “occupied lavatory” sign ever introduced? Or was it just sarcasm?

Classic passive aggressive Steve, “I though you were good, you let me down”. Must remember that one…

A buddy of mine hired IDEO years ago when he joined a start-up, he’s been telling me ever since how useless they were and they ended up doing much of the work in-house. In the 60 Minutes piece David Kelley actually holds the product and claims credit for it.

I thought the whole piece was too much, “this guy knew Steve Jobs.” A little too fluff, but always good to see ID in the news.

Fully agree. It was a little too much:
Steve Jobs
Marketing BS
PR Spin
Design Thinking


always good to see ID in the news…although it is no longer ID…it is Design Thinking…

^Should one be worried about this distinction, do you think its any cause for concern for a guess what would been seen a “pure designer”?

They’re going to take over the world… Keep your wits about you!

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I think we would have to define “pure designer”, which itself is a crazy slippery slope. I think our profession contains a pretty broad spectrum of practitioners, abilities, and passions. At the end of the day, as much as people love to talk about design thinking, if it only has value when it results in some serious design doing. I think a good goal for myself is to always think big and execute small.

Also, next time somebody is rambling on and on try unexpectedly pulling out a prototype and watch the room go, “What was that guy saying? Who cares… gimme’ that thing and lemme’ check it out.”

nice video. but i’m more interested in design DOING! with all the fame, i can’t recall a good product ideo has designed in the past 5 years… can anyone?

Absolutely, heck even a 1/2 decent mockup wins in that confrontation.

That’s a bit naive way of thinking about it.

If you look at their recent work the answer would be they’re above the point where you’d know them for product.

Big name consultancies now realized the amount of money in building and styling a gadget in general is pretty low. Smart, IDEO, Frog, and the other “Tier 1” design consultants are much more involved in design strategy, brand rethinks, and design challenges that are above a singular product. Which is good, because for what they charge you want to be re-inventing your brand with that kind of money.

Remember that they’re design consultancies, not a product company. Them doing a good job isn’t about you using one of their products. It’s about their clients (giant corporations) being happy.

The architectural systems they did for wounded and recovering war veterans was memorable. They are so BIG now that probably don’t take or don’t rely on traditional ID. They want a hand in the strategy, the systems, the service, and then finally maybe a reference product design. By then, the client probably can take all that “thinking” and scope out smaller ID projects for the next tier of firms to work on… for much cheaper.

Agreed its show then tell!