Ideo hiring advice

Hi there,
I’ve just applied for the position of Writer in Ideo’s Palo Alto office.
I’ll be in San Francisco Next week (I live on the East Coast), and I need to decide whether or not I’m going to grad school by the end of this month.
I really want this job, and I think I’m incredibly qualified for it.
If I got it, I would forgo graduate school for now.

Basically, if the world went my way, I’d have a clear idea of whether or not I was a serious candidate by the end of the month, before I have to make my school decision. Of course, I know the odds of that are very slim.

Anyone have advice on how to go about finding out if I’m a candidate at Ideo without coming across as completely out of touch with the realities of the business world?
Anyone know someone there (in HR or otherwise) that would be good to talk to?
Many thanks.

any update? i’m curious to know how things turned out for you :slight_smile:

I have a few friends in the community here, but I don’t think it will significantly help your process.

I would say call them and express your level of interest and qualifications. Let them know when your going to be here, and I will bet they will have you in for an interview.
Most consultancies will want to choose the best candidates, therefore they are usually more than willing to schedule you in. Don’t mention grad school, and be polite of course.

Best of luck.

As an ex IDEO’er I suggest you don’t go for the big ‘sell’ or make a big grandstand out of your interview. It’ll be a mutual exploration. treat it as a discussion to see how you might fit, and whether it’s right for you, and them.

Can anyone describe the work experience at IDEO? Seems like a great place to work.