Ideas on the perfect Smar*t-lam*p

Im Manny,
I work within the LED business.
Im Interested to create a smart lamp that would be a perfect lighting solution.
I have seen one smart lamp called Fluxo-smart-lamp.
I would like to know your professional opinions on what you think about their smart lamp?
What would you change, edit, or add if you had to create a new one.

Please let me know your thoughts.
And if anyone has interested to be involved in any level if we go through with this please let me know.

Thank you

Hi Manny,

I like the Fluxo smart lamp. Some considerations:

  • Having to take your phone out of your pocket to control the light works nicely but in social situations, this gesture is often seen as not social so you may want to consider having a shared control on the table - something like Flic,, or Nuimo,
  • LED light for the home environment still just doesn’t feel as well as traditional lighting or candles, no matter how well it is diffused or programmed
  • People can grow an emotional bond with a product they intensely interact with. Being able to take the lamp with you and make it detachable or in the form of a table lamp can be a great advantage.

Also have a look at the Fonckel lamp, it wasn’t a great commercial success but the form and interaction work well:

I worked on a prototype of this lamp, doing research, form and interaction design as well as behavior programming.

I may be interested in getting involved, if you PM me we can discuss your ideas.