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I’m new to posting and an inexperienced designer with some really great product ideas. I’m not interested in producing them myself but in selling them and moving on. How can I approach manufacturers with my ideas and protect my interests at the same time?

What about ideas that are un-patentable or nearly so and are just good improvements on existing stuff… things like colour and shape change… things that could easily be altered to avoid any patent challenges but would substitute anyways…
As a designer can you walk in to someones business and say…Hey! I’ve got a great idea to improve your product and sell more… how much will you pay me? What comes first?
Is there such a thing as an agent to market these ideas for you?
Thanks bunches

colors…COLORS…wow…sounds like you are really sitting on a milliondollar idea there…spear no expense in protecting that extremely intelectual property of yours.

If you walked into my office and said, “I’ve got a great idea that will improve your product and sell more … how much will you pay me?” I’d invite you to come back someday when you knew what you were talking about.

Since you don’t know what your services are worth don’t expect me to tell you. And since you don’t know what YOUR services are worth how can you know anything about MY business.

I’d then be asking Kathi HOW you got by her and into my office.

Everyone starts somewhere. Just because someone doesn’t have the experience doesn’t mean they don’t have a good idea. This person isn’t walking to your office. They are trying to understand how business is done.

Man, give em a break will ya.

Most manufacturers are already using design strategically via in-house or consultant firms. (Even those that strategically choose not to!) Are you prepared to explain to them what they’re doing wrong?

What you’re proposing is more than just expensive to any company, it’s an extremely dangerous proposition. Are you prepared to show the business case in detail? ie. Retooling costs, Break even analysis, Product Line Management, Positioning & Market segmentation, Branding strategy etc?

I’ve got design firms knocking on my door all the time. I already know what our problems and opportunities are, I’m looking for someone who can come in a do the due-dilligence to develop appropriate solutions. I’d laugh in the face of anyone who came to me with the answers before understanding the problems.

My advice to you is to get some experience in the design business first. Learn how the game is played and you’ll discover the opportunities to bend the rules.

And since you don’t know what YOUR services are worth how can you know anything about MY business.

get some experience in the design business first. Learn how the game is played

which is, more or less, the same advice.

…now you know how to phrase it without being discouraging.


Design is NOT just ideas. Ideas, even good ones, are a dime a dozen. Design is what you DO with those ideas. Think about it, a great idea can turn into crap design, while a bad idea can turn into great design.

Bottom line, ideas with nothing else behind them are nearly worthless.

what’s the old Edison Quote:

“Invetion is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration” to paraphrase.

I am also fond of:

“most people miss opportunity because it is dressed in overalls and looks like hard work”


oops… thanks I fixed it.

The manifestation of ideas is what design is all about. Everybody has ideas, not everyone can execute them which is where we come in. So, uh good luck selling your “ideas.”

never heard that before, but I like it a lot

it goes well with

Luck is nothing more than preparation meeting opportunity

i get unsolicited ideas in the mail all the time, usually terrible and at best disturbing. a combination cell phone/electric shaver was the only one i always remember. people come to companies and think that their idea is going to shift the whole industry. i just think if your idea is really that good you would get a loan from the bank and persue it yourself.

A cell phone / razor combination. Wet or dry I wonder? That might have sparked a new market in phones for scuba divers…

I’ll raise you one. A guy called me one afternoon with an idea for a machine to takes salt out of soup. He was positive every restaurant would want to buy one.

Somewhat intrigued, I asked him how his concept functioned and he informed me that one simply pours the soup into the machine, turns the crank, and out comes soup without salt. Hmmmm … thinking that he had, perhaps, misunderstood my question, I asked him again. “How does your invention actually remove the sodium chloride from the soup?”

With GREAT exasperation in his voice, he nearly screamed, " YOU POUR THE SOUP INTO THE MACHINE AND TURN THE CRANK … !!!"

I told him I didn’t feel qualified to handle the engineering of his project and wished him a nice day. And, “No, I’m sorry, I can’t think of any other designers right off the bat.”

How about the provision Patent? Is it a good thing to do once you have a great idea? Anybody has experience to license a product? thanks!

:smiley: I am so satisfied to see such great geniuses at work. :smiley:

so, Guest, what kind of projects do you work on at your office?

(besides machines with a crank)

please include me in your discussion concerning the
:unamused: creation of wealth.

so, people actually walk into your office?

is your coolerator running?

better go catch it before it goes instinct! :sunglasses: