Ideas for product assist addicts to get clean

Jesse Jackson was on TV last night speaking about the terrorism stuff last night and he brougt up the fact that the terroist movement had a back door war going on killing millions of americans with the import of heorin into the country.

I was thinking about a design session where a concept could be hashed out to create a small, discreet device that would aid in the process of helping someone get off of addictive drugs.

I know someone who works with biofeedback equipment and they told me some very interesting features of monitoring equipment and changes that can take place with training equipment. I wonder if this could be integreated into some sort of device that could work for addicts.

I think this would be beneficial because it could help someone identify the situations, feelings, thoughts, etc… that trigger their cravings.

Has anyone else thought about the potential for a product like this?

are we talking about herion here? I think you’re barking up the wrong tree if you’re talking about physically addicitve drugs. Might work for say, pot.

Actually heroin is what I had in mind. I know alot of people who just cannot stay clean, and I wonder why. Some of them are just assholes, but some of them have everything to live for, and some are assholes that have everything to live for.

i think its scary that all the drugs sneak by, if they can pass the border so easily, people and weapons must be able to also.


There’s this device called The Black Box that I remember reading about in OMNI magazine back in high school - Clapton got off heroin with it. Check out^/braint/black.htm

I have noticed that serious addicts lose track of time and sometimes can’t even remember what day it is. This seems to be a possible direction for a solution. I have noticed most addicts don’t have watches and probably couldn’t put the darn thing on let alone set it. If these guys could just keep track of what day it is and when they got their last fix, perhaps it could be a great first step towards recovery. Alot of the addicts live a rugged life and probably would break most watches on the market currently. Perhaps an affordable timepiece that was durable, easy to set, easy to read, and most importantly, easy to put on and take off. Replacable band is also a must. None of that integrated,sculpted, designerly stuff. Just a simple band that you can buy a wal mart or rite aid. Oh, and the watch has to have a light on it they sleep/pass out in some dark places

Remember trans generational design. This could be trans lifestyle design.

These suggestions are based off my observations living and working in one of the most heroin addicted cities in the u.s.

all the same, they’re still wars. We have been battling the heroin trade since we created it in the sixties to quell violence in the inner cities. That terrorists have gotten involved in the production/distribution is not suprising, since drug dealing is so lucrative (think oliver north and the contras)and afghanistan is the largest producer (as well as china by the way, which started providing nearly pure heroin that is snortable, and responsible for the recent rise in popularity)
A device to stop drug trafficking would go a long way to curing the problem, perhaps some sort of sniffer, combined with the ablilty to detect chemical composition in a sealed container, which would also go a long way to detecting bombs, chemical agents, bioterror weapons, and radioactive isotopes.
The problem of addiction is a psychological one that some escape by living day by day and dealing with the problem, and some deal with all at once by overdosing.
The real way for treating addiction is to address the phychological problems that led to it in the first place, some folks just NEED that pleasure, since the rest of their lives are not worth living (or so they think) Some addicts are victims of fashion to be sure, and to provide a simple cure for them would be nice, but in the end they too have issues, but I suppose another “super consumer” is better than an addict, since they dress nicely.


I’m the first guest that posted. yeah there seems to be mucho naivete here. Herioin is physically addictive. I heard a story about a guy that was going to score his next fix (like that jargon?!) but got on the wrong interstate bus and started going through withdrawal right on the bus. He ended up grabbing some guy by the collar and begging the guy to KILL him. Do a little research, will ya?

has anyone here ever researched biofeedback equipment?

Is it all hype?