Ideal salary etc. for designer in Germany?

I need help! Tomorrow i have a meeting with a potential client who wants to put me on contract for designing a line of yoga-based sportswear.
In general, I would like to have an idea of how much money I should ask for, on top of other possible benefits, before going into this meeting.
If anyone has any tips, etc. Please let me know how much is too much and too little?

This is probably a bit late to help but, I work as a freelance designer based out of Berlin and have a bit of experience. As far as benefits, as a contract worker, I wouldn’t expect too much…but obviously this is all dependent on the company. A big advantage for companies to hire you as a contract worker is to avoid the whole cost of insurance, benefits, etc…

Depending on your situation, there are definitely some things your should consider and think about. But like anything or any job you are going to invest your time and energy into, it should be something you enjoy and with people that are enjoyable to work with.

Hopefully your meeting went well.

Second that on this might be too late…

It really depends on the length of the contract and how many hours you would be putting in.

Couldn’t imagine getting much in the way of benefits though…