Ideal Angle for Touch Screen???


I am working on a touchscreen device that will have a fixed stand.

Anyone know from experience what the ideal angle should be to incline a touch screen?
If it could only be one angle, which angle would work best?

The product will sit on kitchen tables, night stands, but mostly used on a desk or tablet top.

I have it at 60 degrees right now but wanted to hear input from others who may have done this before…

Thanks for any insights.

Clarification. 60 degrees or 30 degres from vertical.

how long are people using these tablets? that’s a huge concern when deciding angles. why not have it be adjustable? if it’s a long-term use (like you’re sitting there using it for a long time), check out sitting anthropometrics and figure out a good height/angle. if it’s short use (like a minute or something kiosk-like), it really shouldn’t matter much.

I think most users will only be on this to check stuff like a calendar, appointments, and maybe teleconfernece for 15 minutes tops per session.

I’d second making it adjustable. I’m tall, so fixed angle things are usually too steep for me. I have to slouch to see them. That way the user can make it their preference, as well.

just did the same thing - feild trials demanded adjustablity, preferably something like a laptop they said, meaning easy to adjust to an infinite degree of angles.

I agree. Nowadays, adjustable angles are quite common. They are simple and they suit a large audience, every audience maybe.

I am currently also working on a touchscreen project. Besides the ideal angle of the screen, one other important factor would be the touch area. If it is a device to be placed stationary and used only a couple of minutes every time, what do you reckon is the ideal size of the touch area?

I suppose it has to be large enough for you to access it easily from different angles and distance, but not too chunky that it takes up too much space.