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right well im heading into my final year @northumbria uni at the end of september and im currently brainstorming for my final project. dont have any sketches yet so i thought i better stick the thread in here.

I’ve been exploring the shopping trolley idea –
so far I have been thinking about the potential energy that could be created by pushing a trolley round all day, they are always being moved and there is a lot of wasted energy that could be used to power other stuff.
Kinda been thinking around the whole shopping experience idea keeping a shopping list on an ipod or phone and connecting it to the trolley which then has a mapping system telling you the quickest way to get to what you need (god knows its hard enough to find your own way around a supermarket) – this type of technology already exists on the trolleys tesco use to pick items for home shopping.

Ive also been looking at new ways of moving the trolley, such as ‘controllable pulling’ instead of ‘out of control pushing’ – think old lady style shopping trolley!

Hard, shell like plastic used to encase goods and items, bearing in mind the trolley has to be collected and stored using existing or similar techniques. Still need to look into Security and Complexity.

I think I could get a bit carried away from the point I don’t want to over complicate the product.

Other than that i have sort of been working around an external security pocket.
And the ‘sofa office’ which involves bringing the office into everyday household objects creating a new home-office environment think keyboard built in coffee table that works with a media centre tv, and armchair style desk chairs.



Hi Milky-


  1. All of these have been done to the nth degree. What that means is that it may be harder for you to find something meaningful beacuse they have been so closely studied.

  2. Your ideas but seem like solutions based on assumptions you have already made at the start of a project. At this point they should be questions that confront these assumptions. For example:

There is a lot of activity with implatable RFID tags. People fall into 2 camps: those who would like their medical history matched with them at the hospital , and those who don’t trust that the implant won’t be used for identitiy theft of public tracking. Both have huge assumptions with little research.

In Rotterdam, there is a bar that is using the implants as a way to keep a long running bar tab. What is nice about this is that they are questioning the assumptions about this new technology by using it in the best public/private petri-dish we have- a bar.The owner of the bar will understand what implants are all about way before the doctors and privacy activists.

This would make a nice project.

Good Luck (I apologize for being blunt)

Been there done that.

IDEO was on Nightline several years ago and redesigned the shopping cart:

IKEA already has sofa’s and coffee tables which do exactly what you describe.

Lamborn coffee table: