idea for a new website

Hi all,

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to open up a new website, or perhaps have it as part of an extension to core77, which allowed members of the public to rant about products/systems which they found frustrating. I don’t know if one exists already but being open to the publics opinion would help us all out and would help us to design better and better, faster and faster. Members of the public would effectively be writing designers new briefs every day and the market research would be right there on the web. What do you think?


Not sure I understand. This is a public site that anyone is welcome to come on and start a topic. do you mean a link to something like yahoo?

I think he means a bashing portal.

Core77 forums cover a lot of ground, but he is suggesting that there is a lot of bad design out there, so there should be an interface to communicate the suckage to the audience of the World Wide Internets. This website would also allow people to do “design corrections” to fix crappy designs. Think about, except instead of giving specs/reviews of gadgets, it would be giving criticisms/conceptual fixes to designs.

I’m totally down for the idea. I love ripping on stuff.

A bashing portal - thats exactly what I mean. Though Core77 is open to the public I doubt many people who are not that particularly bothered about design would join. So long as people wrote on such a website fairly often then there would be new briefs on it everyday. I am pretty sure that people would enjoy criticising products on it.

sounds cool, shouting out product problems would be great for giving designers and students ideas

This is pretty much the intent of the Design Crimes posts.

Other Mods out there…What do you think of this?

Package Id, Yes it’s the purpose of design crime, but DC is on a website intended for designers, people are not going to come in and talk about products here.

I think what he suggests is something different a place where users can post photos and comment about products poorly designed or found frustrating. About what is wrong with it. The question is why would make someone look for the place and post.
I’ve seen something similar on amazon, where people who make a purchase make reviews. I think it’s an interesting Idea it could be arranged by categories, and would be a mine of data on what works and what not. does something similar though

But this is see as different than consumer report, more open where the user post the product ,or a photo and start talking about what’s wrong with it… it could even have rotten tomatoes for how bad or weak it is. other users can comment or give thumbs up/down
It see it as having a catchy domain name

Consumer Critics? gonna try thinking of more names later on when I get some time.

Really guys? There’s at least 1000 product review/opinion websites out there. If you’re going to rag on the design of a product, why not post it here on Core?

Have you read through any reviews on Amazon? They’re totally baseless. 5 star reviews saying “This is the best carseat I’ve ever seen” and 1 star reviews saying “This carseat is too heavy to get into my car. I hate it, therefore it sucks.”

Read through these comments of a product I picked at random. If these are the types of responses you are after, amazon has you covered. Any “public” site will have the same kind of feedback.

This was my thinking as well. I did a search for sites like this earlier this morning and a ton of them popped up. I don’t see the fit for this site.