IDE, RCA - Advice needed

Hello everyone, I just got invited for an interview at RCA. Do you guys have any advice on how should I prepare myself? Does anyone know what “creative excercise” entails?
Thank you so much! :smiley:

Nobody? Really? :frowning:

Congrats on getting invited. That in itself is an honor. I have several friends that went their in addition to a few instructors. The interview can be tough, but they said to basically be yourself. One of my instructors was on the interview panel. He said one kid came in with a bucket of water, he walked up to the panel and splashed the interviewers with water… he got in, but now that has been done, so think of something else :wink:

Thanks Yo!
The water bucket… I’m not so sure about that… :slight_smile: But be myself, I will…

Congratulations! Good luck with the interview. I’m on this course right now, The best piece of advice I can give is to be optimistic about yourself, and a gimmick would pay off, too, I think. I can’t say much about the creative exercise thing, it changes every year, but be open minded with it, most people who do this course were previously engineers, so you want do something a bit crazy, not sensible, to give you that edge. They use the creative excercise as a tie-breaker if they need one.

Let us know how it goes!

I got one as well, but for Design Products.
I think the most important thing is to explain your own original philosophy/approach/goals in a confident way. Don’t use gimmicks or don’t take your pants off if it doesn’t correlate with your work. :wink: Also show some work done since your application. Furthermore you might have to name a few inspiring designers/artists. Good luck!

Any tips from your side?

Thanks everyone for your tips. I’m going in a few days I hope it will turn out good. I’m also prepared for basic questions like “Why do you choose RCA?”, “Why London?”, “What do you think you can bring to the table?” yadayada…

I’ll keep you guys posted. :slight_smile:

I just got back from my interview. Not enough finished pieces & process… But I can’t blame myself for that as I had to rebuild my portfolio from scratch in 4 months while working. They were also unhappy with the fact that I didn’t want to name a product I see as an example, I explained why though. “And what about the work of the people around this table?” My final question was tricky too; I asked how they compare with the Design Academy. “They are Dutch, we are English.”
There were 7 people around the table with Ron Arad and Jurgen Bey as “complements”…

So the interview (for IDE) went well… I think…
20 Minutes - Interview with Tom Barker and two other staff
20 Minutes - with 2nd year Students
1 hour - Creative Excercise… They said that it changed every year.

Let’s hope that they like me :slight_smile:

I got in! :smiley: Yay!

Thank you everyone so much… for your advice.


I got into the IDE program as well. Now I’m trying to figure out how to afford it. I’m based in the US.

Hope to see you there, commedesgarcons11!

Okay, so for the creative exercise, I know what the Starck flyswatter was and the UK travel adapters, but what the hell was that other thing?

you know what… I had no idea! I couldn’t figure that out myself either.