IDE Program from Royal College of Art?

Hey all, I was just wondering what people’s opinion of the Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) Program at Royal College of Art (RCA). I have an undergrad degree in engineering, and would like to shift to ID, and the program seems interesting…any critiques of the program/work coming out of there? I’ve searched the forum, but there really isn’t much up. Thanks!

Have you had a look at the departmental website ?

The course is great fun but (very) hard work - you’re not only working to satisfy the RCA but also Imperial College.

Did you see the work displayed at the recent show?


Yeah, I have checked out the department’s website, and I’ve like what I saw…I guess I should rephrase my question: I’m just wondering if there’s anyone on core77 who has first-hand experience with RCA’s program(s). Thanks!