ID with Small Business Dreams

Hello, All!

Long story short: Im an alternative Cellist, a trained musician who left music school due to cost and major dislike for my program’s inflexibility (I was MusEd). While preparing for auditions for other schools, I had a Eureka moment in designing a cello buggy. Since then, my focus and aspirations have switched to product design for my industry. I love musicians and what we strive to do, and feel very passionate about designing new and efficient products for musicians. No previous design or computer literacy past consumer use. Hardcore softwares? nope. I do have crude sketches, a digital notebook, and some research. I used to paint seriously…at age 9. Its always been in my blood to draw and when I started high school I wanted to do architecture, but put all my emphasis into music. So now my interests have come full circle.

Big Dream:
Start a Manufacturing and In-house Design firm that specializes in products for the Musical and Sound Accessories Industry.

Prospective School:
I am looking for a US or International school that will be a good balance of aesthetic and design, and science; something that will give me a good broad experience for not too much money. Ideally, the opportunity to take a business or marketing class also.

Im considering international schools due to cost, and desire to travel. My only doubt in country options is China, because Chinese is so hard to learn.
I previously worked two part time jobs while in school while living at home and commuting to an in-state school. I did what I could to save, and ultimately could not keep up. But, Im willing to put in every penny for this dream and get an associates (2 yr degree) first for transfer scholarship opportunities. I also have up to 42 credits in gen ed and electives that help.

Out of my research so far, I really like Cincy, but IDK what else is there.

Sorry I don’t have any specifics, but if I were you, I would look for schools where there is a link between the d-school and the b-school. There is much more to being an entrepreneur than just design. Personally, I think the business end is more important. Good luck.

Yes I agree. There is much more. And yes, I am looking for that. Even if it’s a small school.

What I don’t know is what resources are available to look for such connections.

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Thanks for the encouragement. I’ve been tinkering with CAD for a year, but since I spend all day on the sales floor at my job. I don’t really have time for music or ID. I’d love to even take a few classes, but I know that if I submerge myself, I’ll soar. School allows me to do so. I just want one cheap enough to be covered by my loans. Or what I have in savings now.