ID - Where would you like to work?


I know that this topic must have been discused before, but I also know that market changes constantly and so do “players” in this game.

Let me put it this way;

Wich are be the best places to work at as an industrial designer?

It´s a simple question and you can make a list of places (you can include freelance, inhouse, corporate or consultancy)

It could be interesting if you also mention the reason for each place in your list. Reasons could include payment, work environment, personal and professional growth, etc. Not limited to US, think global.

cuototo, I would like to work for a consultancy. At least thats how I feel right now. This position and my last have both been in-house. Designing the same type of product with slight variations day to day becomes monotonous and begins to take it’s toll. Now I won’t say this is true for every in-house position, just the 2 that I have had the experience with. There has definitely been a lack of design freedom with these 2 positions in my opinion. So thats why I feel that a consultancy would be the best match for myself, that and a team atmosphere are important for younger designers.

I hope you get an over abundance over replies, because I too am curious about this issue as well!

Hi eco, wich consultancies would you choose?

cuototo, that will all be determined when I start job hunting here again in the shortened future. I had a interview scheduled for tomorrow that fell through about 2 weeks ago due to a change in CEOs at the company. It turned out to be a good thing too, because it made me realize that I wouldn’t like to work for another in-house company again. So geographical location will play a major role in which companies I research, pursue and apply to.

For me, I’ve always wanted to work for a company that would allow me to blend a passion for Design with a passion for a sport or hobby.

Callaway Golf
Burton Snowboards
Specialized Bicycles
etc., etc.,

Personally, I would like to be a free-lancer. To be a free-lancer, i can distribute my time freely and express my ideas freely. Well, it is just the ideal style of the life. In the true-life, I don’t think my dream will come thue, for I have to earn money to afford myself. I need the money, so I must work for others first for at least a few years after graduation.