ID vs AI

Since I’ve got a background in both Industrial Design and Artificial Intelligence, I’m curious to find a design school for my internship which is particularly into the design of intelligent products (currently studyin’ ID @ Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands). Has anyone got any recommendations for me?

Interaction Design seems like your ideal program of study.

Thanks for your comment. Maybe you could recommend a specific location?

I’m confused, you’re looking for a “design school” to intern at?

My study’s curriculum has a so-called “internship” for third-year students, which means either an internship at a design company, or an exchange program with a university/school abroad. My focus is on the latter; I’d like to get to know another academical view on design, and intelligent product design in particular.

what about the interaction design program at UMEA?
or Illinois Institute of Technlology’s Institute of Design?

just some starting points maybe